What Qualifies Me to Receive Workers’ Compensation in NC?

Experiencing an injury or accident while at work can be a major setback. Fortunately, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, including payments for medical expenses and some lost wages. Every state has its own workers’ compensation laws and procedures so we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help determine if you… Read more »

Is Someone Watching Me?

In workers’ compensation claims, the insurance company will sometimes hire private investigators (PI) to conduct surveillance on injured workers. If they see an injured worker acting differently when at home than when at the doctor’s office, they will try to show the videotape to the doctor to undermine the doctor – patient relationship and have… Read more »

What Other Kinds of Benefits Might be Available to Me?

Part of our job in handling your workers’ compensation and/or Social Security disability claim is to make sure you pursue as many different types of benefits as possible to maximize your overall recovery. For example, individuals who are severely injured on the job might be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, as well as Social… Read more »

What Will My Social Security Disability Hearing Be Like?

We get asked this question by almost every client. While each hearing may differ in terms of the people involved, legal questions in issue, medical conditions, and in other ways, there are a few commonalities that are present in almost every case. 1. There’s going to be a long wait to get to a live… Read more »

Warning! Social Security Scam on Benefit Recipients

If someone calls claiming to be a Social Security employee wanting personally identifiable information, and maybe promising an increase in your benefits, watch out! The Office of the Inspector General has issued a warning about these scammers. “The reports indicate that the impersonator calls from a telephone number with a 323 area code. The caller… Read more »

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Have you heard your workers’ compensation adjuster mention vocational rehabilitation? Maybe your doctor mentioned the need for vocational rehabilitation following your work-related injury? What exactly are these people referring to? Vocational rehabilitation usually entails looking for new employment and/or retraining after having been separated from prior employment. These separations from employment can be caused by… Read more »

The Long Wait for a SSA Disability Hearing – Really?

FACT: THOUSANDS of American taxpayers die every year before they can even get a hearing with a judge on their disability claims. DISCUSSION: These people PAID FICA TAXES over their working career to be insured for retirement (and disability if their health deteriorated before retirement age). The Social Security Administration has already been chronically underfunded… Read more »

Spotlight: Workers Compensation Issues for Sonographers

Work-related medical problems do not always arise from accidents. Sometimes they arise gradually, over the course of months or years, as a result of the physical demands of particular jobs. These conditions are called “occupational diseases,” and in North Carolina, they are covered under our workers’ compensation laws. The sonography profession has a particularly high… Read more »

Has Someone Been Talking to My Doctor?

So you thought you had a good relationship with the treating physician in your workers’ compensation case – even though workers’ comp got to pick the doctor. At all previous visits, the doctor listened attentively, sympathized with your condition and genuinely seemed to care about your recovery. Then everything changed at the next visit. You… Read more »

Faces & Facts of Soc. Sec. Disability

See the Social Security Administration’s great site putting faces and facts with the disability program. Regular SS disability benefits and coverage are EARNED by the claimant by paying in taxes over a working career prior to disability. Like regular SSD benefits, SSI benefits also require proof of inability to do ANY competitive job, as well as proof… Read more »